Brief History - Where We've Come From...

Tri-Star started in 1979 as a Painting & Renovating business. In 1997, Billy McNeil & Derek Wheals acquired the business. Soon thereafter, Tri-Star Construction was started to provide expertise in construction. A year later, Tri-Star Housing was formed to focus on the construction of houses. With the growth of the business came increased demand for plant & equipment which led to the formation of Tri-Star Plant & Equipment to source such requirements largely in-house.

In 2006 the shareholders decided to create a group structure under Tri-Star Group Holdings (TSGH) in order to enable corporate activity especially the empowerment of management and staff. Subsequently in 2007, an Employee Share Incentive Trust was created which acquired 5% shareholders in TSGH. In pursuit of growth in the Western Cape, Tri-Star Building Cape was formed.

In 2011, TSGH decided to promote an owner-management culture in various subsidiaries and also as an incentive to management. Thus TSGH undertook management buy-in transactions which lead to key management acquiring shares in subsidiaries. In 2012, TSGH concluded a BBBEE transaction with BA-Akhi Construction and also formed Corporate Partition & Ceilings. In 2013, TSGH created Tri-Star Development Services to offer property development services for TSGH and the market. TSGH is also exploring various growth opportunities in the greater Africa market.