Commercial, Retail, Industrial, Multi-Unit Housing

Tri-Star Construction (TSC) is a highly experienced and reputed construction company, which focuses on new developments, refurbishments and extensions. TSC undertakes large and small projects which may be simple or complex.

We have our own plant consisting of cranes, trucks, telehandlers, excavators, scaffolding and formwork.

Our teams are typically led by a Contracts Director with the goal to complete each project on time while ensuring quality and safety. In servicing our clients we strive to provide a professional “hands on” approach with the client and professionals to solve and manage information flows. Health and Safety are of paramount importance to us with each site being specifically managed and monitored by both our site staff and our dedicated safety personnel.

A Couple of Our Featured Projects

  • Construction of Centurion Square Office


Project Status:  Completed
Project Name: Centurion Square office Development Phase 1
Client:  PPS Property fund Trust (Pty) Ltd
Architect: Boogertman & Partners
Quantity Surveyor: Pentad Quantity Surveyors
Engineer: SCE Structural Surveyors
Contract Value: R 150 million (Phase 1)
Contract Period: 18 Months

Scope of work: A new office development that will be executed in 2 phases, of which phase 1 is 9107M2. Phase 2 is estimated at R 171 Million and is planned for future development.


Project Status:  Completed Project Name: Clientele Ronmar RD Offices Client:  Clientele Architect: Gerald Pereira-Ama Architects Quantity Surveyor: Alexa Fivaz-NWS Engineer: Jon Rosnovanu – Rosnovanu & Associates Contract Value: R 150 million Contract Period: 15 Months Scope of work: New offices consisting of 2 basement levels 12 000 m2 and 4 office levels

Burnett Str

Project Status: Completed Project Name:  Studios @ Burnett Client: Costa Zervas Projects & Feenstra Group Architect: Boogertman & Partners Quantity Surveyor: Del QS Engineer: D&G Consulting Engineers, SVR Consulting Engineers, CKR Consulting Engineers Contract Value: R 205 million Contract Period: 18 months Scope of work: Student Accommodation. 15 Floors – 749 Rooms. Incl the following – Computer room, Games room, Laundry room, Study room.


Project Status:  Completed
Project Name: Bosman Building
Client:  Albert de Bruin – City Property
Architect: Georg van Gass – GASS Architecture Studios
Quantity Surveyor: Jaco Storm – SSQS
Engineer: William Johnston – WSP
Contract Value: R 70 million
Contract Period: 14 Months

Scope of work: Refurbishment of existing tower block of 22 floors into residential units, refurbishing of existing 2 parking levels, refurbishing of existing retail facade and building facade, refurbishing of basement, including site works, services, etc.

Hino Trucks

Project Status:  Completed
Project Name: Hino Trucks
Client:  Lexshell 280 Investments (Pty) Ltd
Architect: Paul Stubbs Architects
Quantity Surveyor: Aecom
Engineer: L&S Consulting
Contract Value: R 15 Million
Contract Period: 5 Months

Scope of work: New Hino Truck dealership and Workshop with Parking area.

Frank & Hirsch

Project Status:  Completed
Project Name:  Frank & Hirsch
Client:  Andy Stuart – Afhco Properties
Architect: Carlos Borges – Afhco Properties
Quantity Surveyor: Piet Bredell – Bredell Quantity Surveyors
Engineer: Not Applicable
Contract Value: R 46 million
Contract Period: 11 Months

Scope of work: Existing 7 storey office block situated on C/O End and Jeppe Streets, Johannesburg, converted into 350 en-suite residential apartments and retail shops on ground floor.


Project Status:  Completed
Project Name:  Distell
Client:  Distell
Architect: Not Applicable
Quantity Surveyor:
Engineer:  Not Applicable
Contract Value: R 40 million
Contract Period: 4 Months

Scope of work: Construction of new bottling line for Distell in Nuffield, Springs. Construction included hoarding off of work area from balance of warehouse. Demolition of existing surface bed, installation of plubming network and casting of new surface bed laid to falls, structural steel support work for line and construction of production offices.

  • Jeffreys Place Construction

Jeffreys Place

Project Status:  Completed
Project Name:  Jeffrey’s Place
Client:  IPS Investments
Architect: Blackwood Architects
Quantity Surveyor: SSQS
Engineer: DG Consulting
Contract Value: R 105 million
Contract Period: 16 Months

Scope of work: Construction of 384 new residential apartments.

Keywest Shopping Centre

Project Status:  Completed
Project Name:  Keywest Shopping Centre
Client:  Acucap Investments
Architect: Edmund Batley – Batley & Partners
Quantity Surveyor: Justin Roux – NWS
Engineer: Ian Coleman – Sutherland Engineers
Contract Value: R 90 million
Contract Period: 14 Months

Scope of work: Refurbishment of 55 000 square meters of Shopping Centre in Krugersdorp.  Upgraded and modernise the entrances.  The centre boasts with new floor tiles, ceilings and lighting as well as newly added toilets.  We added 225 new parking bays on a 6 000 m2 parking deck. The new waterfront development consists of an outdoor amphitheatre and rolling green lawns.  Lastly, the family restaurants have been revitalized.

Unilofts Bloemfontein

Project Status:  Completed
Project Name:  Unilofts Bloemfontein
Client:  Stockbell BFN
Architect: Ettiene De Beer Architects
Quantity Surveyor:
Engineer: Conic Consulting
Contract Value: R50 million
Contract Period: 11 Months

Scope of work: Construction of 6 luxury residential blocks comprising of 185 2 bedroom units for University of Bloemfontein students, ranging from 3 to 6 storeys high.

Khans Corner

Project Status:  Completed
Project Name:  Khans Corner
Client:  Andy Stuart – Afhco Properties
Architect: Carlos Borges – Afhco Properies
Quantity Surveyor: Piet Bredell – Bredell Quantity Surveyors
Engineer: Not Applicable
Contract Value: R 13 million
Contract Period: 7 Months

Scope of work: Exhisting 6 storey office block situated in End Street, Johannesburg, converted into 107 on-suite residential apartments and retail shops on ground floor.

New Tank Farm Distell

Project Status:  Completed Project Name:  New Tank farm for Distell Client:  Distell Architect: Not Applicable Quantity Surveyor: Not Applicable Engineer: Not Applicable Contract Value: R 14 million Contract Period: 4 Months Scope of work: Construction of new tank farm for Distell, comprising concrete raft foundations, support columns, slabs, ring beams and face brickwork.

  • Paddocks Construction Projects


Project Status:  Completed
Project Name:  Paddocks
Client:  Derek Wheals & Peter Mckenzie – Orion Properties
Architect: Deon Moolman – DBM Architects
Quantity Surveyor: Derek Wheals – Orion Properties
Engineer: Bally Alport – Kantey & Templer
Contract Value: R 140 million
Contract Period: 18 Months

Scope of work: Constructed new buildings consisting of 32 blocks of 3 storeys, 12 units per block, total of 384 units.  Constructed clubhouse with swimming pool and tennis court.  Constructed a cluster of 95 garages.  Installed underground services.  Constructed roads including attenuation dam, boundry walls and guard house.


Project Status: Completed
Project Name:  Surestream
Client: Sean Delson – Leave Capital
Architect: Andre Krige -Krige Falconer partnership architects
Quantity Surveyor: Justen Groenewald – Ansell Property Holdings
Engineer: Brian Mc Lintok – BSM Baker
Contract Value: R 18.5 million
Contract Period: 5 months

Scope of work: Existing 2 storey office block situated in Muswell Road South, Bryanston, converted into new reception, new offices including foyers and toilets.


Project Status: Completed
Project Name:  TCTA
Client: Adriaan – Eris Property
Architect: Beyers Slabbert – S&A Architects
Quantity Surveyor: Bain Fowler – BTK Pretoria Quantity Surveyors
Engineer: Werner Taute – PPM Project Managers
Contract Value: R 14 million
Contract Period: 4 months

Scope of work: Existing 4 storey office block situated in West Street, Centurion. Converted new reception and offices, including foyers and toilet facilities.

  • WITS Student Housing Construction Projects

WITS Student Housing

Project Status: Completed
Project Name:  Wits / Netcare Parkade, Parktown
Client:  Not Applicable
Architect: Not Applicable
Quantity Surveyor: Not Applicable
Engineer: Not Applicable
Contract Value: R 15 million
Contract Period: 10 months

Scope of work: New 4 level parking garage constructed for Wits University and to be used by Netcare Parklane Hospital.  Construction included through slabs, precast panels, facebrick facades and a lift for wheelchair access to higher floors.

Kempton City

Project Status:  Completed
Project Name: Kempton City
Client:  City Properties (PTY) LTD
Architect: WDesign Architects
Quantity Surveyor: SSQS
Engineer: WSP Group
Contract Value: R 145 million
Contract Period: 19 Months

Scope of work: Extension of Shopping Centre, Upgrading existing apartments and constructing new apartments


Project Status:  Completed
Project Name: Hammanskraal R101 Pedestrian Bridge
Client:  City of Tshwane Integrated Project Delivery Unit
Architect: WDesign Architects
Quantity Surveyor: Integer Quantity Surveying Services
Engineer: Luleka Consulting Engineers
Contract Value: R 10 million
Contract Period: 12 months

Scope of work: Construct Pedestrian Bridge over the R101


Project Status:  Completed Project Name: Hollyberry offices – Rockwell Client:  Rockwell Architect: LouiseO Architects Quantity Surveyor: QS Bureau Engineer: PDNA Contract Value: R 60 million Contract Period: 12 Months Scope of work: Bulk earthworks (30 000m3 excavated out) and dewatering was done by Tri-Star,  Construction of 2 new basements, and 3 floors of Office space, the new building will be linked to the existing building (built by Tri-Star 7 years ago) via a bridge.


Project Status:  Completed Project Name: GWM & Suzuki, East Rand Client:  Dealership Head Office, A Division Of Supergroup Trading (Pty) Ltd Architect: Paul Stubbs Architects Quantity Surveyor: L & S Consulting Engineer: L & S Consulting Contract Value: R 6 million Contract Period:  6 Months Scope of work: Additions, Alterations And Ci Upgrade To Gwm & Suzuki, Eastrand


  • We are dedicated to exceeding the expectations of all our stakeholders by delivering superior products and services within time and budget.
  • We aspire to be a “blue-chip” company, respected for our innovative and successful contributions towards upgrading the quality of life of our people and all of the environments and societies in which we operate.
  • We recognise the value of our human capital and create value for our employees through:
    • Merit-based rewards system of competitive remuneration.
    • Equity sharing through our Employee Share Incentive Trust.
    • Recognition and career advancement through training, education and mentorship.
  • Through good Corporate Governance we maintain, with transparency, our morals of integrity, honesty and honour.
  • We recognise that the inequities of the past need to be re-addressed in a meaningful way.
  • We believe in a positive and proactive response to achieving Broad-Based Black Economic Empowerment and ultimately achieving the principles of the Construction Industry Transformation Charter.

“Aspire to have Happy Stakeholders”

Tri-Star aims to further strengthen its reputation as a formidable force in the construction industry by creating longterm relationships with our clients, the professionals with whom we work and through delivering projects of superior quality.

We aim to continue investing our resources in Broad-Based Black Economic Empowerment in order to facilitate meaningful change. We will continue to grow our own human capital from within, pacing our human capital abilities accordingly.

Paramount to our strategy moving forward is continued investment in the training and advancement of our greatest asset, our people. This embraces procedures for regularly reviewing all aspects of our business to ensure maximum customer focus, lower costs and motivation of our people.


Tri-Star started in 1979 as a Painting & Renovating business. In 1997, Billy McNeil & Derek Wheals acquired the business. Soon thereafter, Tri-Star Construction was started to provide expertise in construction. A year later, Tri-Star Housing was formed to focus on the construction of houses. With the growth of the business came increased demand for plant & equipment which led to the formation of Tri-Star Plant & Equipment to source such requirements largely in-house.

In 2006 the shareholders decided to create a group structure under Tri-Star Group Holdings (TSGH) in order to enable corporate activity especially the empowerment of management and staff. Subsequently in 2007, an Employee Share Incentive Trust was created which acquired 5% shareholders in TSGH. In pursuit of growth in the Western Cape, Tri-Star Building Cape was formed.

In 2011, TSGH decided to promote an owner-management culture in various subsidiaries and also as an incentive to management. Thus TSGH undertook management buy-in transactions which lead to key management acquiring shares in subsidiaries. In 2012, TSGH concluded a BBBEE transaction with BA-Akhi Construction and also formed Corporate Partition & Ceilings. In 2013, TSGH created Tri-Star Development Services to offer property development services for TSGH and the market. TSGH is also exploring various growth opportunities in the greater Africa market.


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